DATABASE COVERAGE: 2010-11 to 2017-18 (8 years)

Year Amount (Rs. cr) No. of
2010-11 2,487 1
2011-12 0 0
2012-13 0 0
2013-14 0 0
2014-15 0 0
2015-16 0 0
2016-17 0 0
2017-18 (as on 28/02/18) 0 0
Total 2,487 1


Current Issues
Provides key information on Indian Depository Receipts for which the opening date has been announced or which are currently open for subscription.

Advanced Database Search
Advanced level search can be done of the Indian Depository Receipts database on any one or a combination of the following 9 parameters:

  1. Period
  2. Issue Type (Fresh Capital/ Secondary Offer)
  3. Pricing Method (Bookbuilding/Fixed Price)
  4. Issue Amount
  5. Industry
  6. Stock Exchanges already Listed
  7. Stock Exchanges Listing
  8. Offer Price
  9. Lead Managers

You have the option of selecting Order of Result (Chronological/Alphabetical/Issue Amount).

Anchor Investors
Provides information on allocations made to Anchor Investors in Indian Depository Receipts. Details can be obtained for a specific issue and League Tables of Anchor Investors can be generated.


League Tables can be generated to suit your own requirement by choosing desired parameters. League Tables are available for the following intermediaries:

  • Investment Bankers
  • Registrars
  • Printers
  • Advertising Agencies

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